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Nguyen Dinh Dang

Graduated from Hue University of Arts (Lacquer specialization)

Member of the Executive committee of Hue Fine Arts Association, Vice-president of Hue Fine Arts Association 2010-2015 Member of the Vietnam Fine Art Association.


Nguyen Dinh Dang was born in 1978 in Phu Dien District, Hue. At a very young age, Dang had shown tremendous interest in art and painting.


Dang confides “Lacquer on wood is a traditional fine art of Vietnam and is quite well-known worldwide. During my years in art school, lacquer art had fascinated me. Technically, lacquer requires an artist a great deal of labor to achieve the right shiny finish of the wood, or to inlay the duck egg shelf into the wood medium. While sanding the surface, unexpected effects happen very often expose the beauty of the finished wood piece, and I think that is very interesting and challenging.

Nguyen Dinh Dang’s works impress viewers with delicate colors, harmonious structures, they are also imbued with the life and soul of Vietnamese people and culture. No complicated or ornate, Dang’s paintings are clean and captivating subjects in vivid background. Dang especially does not use industrial paint pigments, he instead uses natural pigments since Dang thinks they help bring out the sparkles and dreamlike quality to the works. 

Thành Cổ.jpg
Huyền Thoại biển đông.jpg

Legend of the East Sea

​Lacquer on wood

In Nguyen Dinh Dang's works, viewers can easily run into a scenic depiction of Vietnamese people and lifestyle originating back from Champa, the ancient Indochinese Kingdom. 

Ancient Fortress

​Lacquer on wood

Young ladies and lotus flowers were Dang’s main subjects in his early works, but Dang admits his overall artistic theme is the people and the culture. Dang once said: “The beauty of local cultures in different parts of the country is to me very fascinating and I like to center them in my works. That is how I preserve the Vietnamese culture.

(Works on this page are not available for sale)


Life with lotus

​Lacquer on wood

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